Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov to star in action film

Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov to star in action film

27 May 2015

Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov surprised onlookers this week after he announced that he is set to play the starring role in a Hollywood action film. A clip of the upcoming film Those who didn’t understand, will understand (Kto ne ponyal, tot poymyot), posted on Kadyrov’s Instagram account, features the camouflage-clad Chechen strongman firing a machine gun.

“This is an action film, in which I agreed to play the main character after long negotiations,” Kadyrov’s Instagram post reads. “Some scenes have already been shot. The director has previously made well-known Hollywood movies, and top-level international stars are starring in the film. The writers are sure that the film will be a great success.”

Kadyrov, known for his admiration of President Vladimir Putin, has been at the centre of numerous scandals linked to widespread human rights abuses in Chechnya. The Chechen leader made headlines again last month after he told top law enforcement officers to open fire at any police from other regions of Russia who appear in Chechnya unannounced.

A clip of the upcoming film:

Скоро на экранах ваших телевизоров и в кинотеатрах смотрите фильм “КТО НЕ ПОНЯЛ, ТОТ ПОЙМЁТ” Это остросюжетная картина, в которой после продолжительных переговоров, я согласился на роль главного героя. Отдельные сцены уже сняты. Режиссером является автор знаменитых голливудских фильмов. Также в фильме заняты мировые звезды первой величины��⭐�������� Авторы уверены, что картина будет иметь огромный успех������������ #Кадыров #Россия #Чечня #Фильм

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