Bicycle art comes to the streets of Romanian city

6 August 2015

Local artists from the western Romanian city of Arad have transformed their bikes into street art.

The young artists of the Hello Bike group, who work together at a local advertising agency, have decorated their old bicycles for a project they call Handsome Bikes.

Each bicycle has been decorated in a different style, with designs ranging from simple painting in an individual colour to more elaborate decoration with seashells and butterflies. The bikes can be found tied to or hanging from lampposts throughout the centre of the city, at spots approved by the city administration. At the end of the project, a public vote will decide the most popular bike.

“We are not involved politically, but our project has a message: more street art, more bicycles, more involvement from local businesses, more challenges for the creative youngsters, more green, more air, more tourism, and more beauty in this city!” the founders of the Hello Bike community in Arad stated.

Currently ten Handsome Bikes can be found in the centre of Arad, but the project founders have stated that they are “open to new partners, people and organisations that can create their own artistic bikes”.