Kazakh history computer game set for release

Kazakh history computer game set for release
Kazakhstan landscape (Image: mariusz kluzniak under a CC licence)

27 August 2015

Kazakh history is soon to be presented in the form of an interactive computer game, as part of a locally developed cloud computer gaming strategy.

The Tengrion Cloud Gaming Strategy is due to be released online in 2016, and centres on a fantasy virtual world based on Kazakh and Turkic mythology and culture. The project, supported by the Kazakh Ministry of Education and the World Bank, which have allocated 72 million tenge (US$286,903) for its development, has a strong educational aspect.

“The youth of today does not go to libraries, but learns about the world via the internet and especially via game applications. Therefore, they are the most powerful tool of cultural expansion in the western world,” Tengrion creator Adilbek Bisenbayev said, “The task of authors is to create a powerful game application through which the whole world can learn about the national culture of Kazakhstan.”

The main characters of the game will be legendary figure Korkyt-Ata and numerous Kazakh batyrs (valiant warriors).

Tengrion is the largest project in the field of gaming applications in Kazakhstan. Cloud gaming is a type of online gaming that allows direct and on-demand video streaming of games onto computers, consoles and mobile devices. Tengrion’s creators say that if the computer version of the game is successful, then developing a mobile version is a possibility.