Hungary’s largest mural unveiled in Budapest

Hungary’s largest mural unveiled in Budapest
(Image: neopaint/Facebook)

18 September 2015

The largest mural in Hungary to date has been completed in the capital Budapest.

Budapest-themed and full of local details, the design was created by Hungarian graphic designer and illustrator Zsolt Vidák.

The mural measures more than 1000 square metres and was completed over a three week period, using nearly 1000 litres of paint. It is located on a large firewall that remained standing after a building was demolished at a local school in Budapest’s 7th district.

Vidák lives in Budapest and illustrates for a number of magazines. He also designs stamps regularly for the Hungarian Post Office.

The world’s largest mural is painted on the side of an apartment complex in Berlin and measures 20,000 square metres. It was created by French firm CitéCréation and was completed in September 2013.

Source: Hungary Today