Tirana bunker monument sparks anger

Tirana bunker monument sparks anger
A bunker in the Albanian Alps (Image: Elian Stefa, Gyler Mydyti under a CC licence)

5 October 2015

A monument constructed to resemble a bunker has been met with protests in the Albanian capital, Tirana.

The authorities had intended the monument to serve as the entrance to a new museum on the subject of the communist era, but the plans have caused anger among former dissidents who faced persecution under the regime. The artificial bunker can be found behind the Interior Ministry building and will lead to an underground tunnel that was built to be used as a shelter by top communist officials in case of war.

Dozens of protesters attempted to storm a police barricade last week in order to tear the monument down, citing the real bunkers that can still be found throughout the country as reminder enough of the horrors of the past.

Protesters have expressed their mistrust of the current left-wing government, which they accuse of being nostalgic for the communist era. The protest has received support from lawmakers from the centre-right opposition.

Source: Tirana Times