Macedonian Film Agency joins European Film Commissions Network

Macedonian Film Agency joins European Film Commissions Network
Matka Canyon near Skopje, Macedonia (Image: Bojan Rantaša under a CC licence)

16 October 2015

The Macedonian Film Agency has become a member of the European Film Commissions Network (EUFCN), which exists to promote the exchange of information between film commissions in Europe and to support the European film industry.

The addition of the Macedonian Film Agency to the network brings the total number of members to 85, and the number of countries represented to 29.

Founded in 2007, EUFCN works closely with European public institutions, promoting the interests of film commissions, carrying out projects funded by the European Union, and conducting seminars and conferences.

The partly state-funded Macedonian Film Agency was established in 2013, with the primary objective to stimulate and support the development of the Macedonian film industry. It is currently working to attract foreign productions to shoot in the country.

“Representatives from Warner Brothers, Walt Disney and Entertainment Partners recently stayed in Macedonia, visiting the country’s most beautiful locations and natural beauties. They were also briefed on the incentives and benefits offered to foreign productions”, the Macedonian Film Agency said in a press release.