Kosovo loses UNESCO membership bid

Kosovo loses UNESCO membership bid
UNESCO headquarters in Paris (Image: Jean-Pierre Dalbéra under a CC licence)

10 November 2015

Kosovo has failed to gain UNESCO membership after a vote by member countries yesterday in Paris.

Kosovo narrowly fell short of the 95 votes and two-thirds majority it needed to gain membership, with 92 countries voting to admit Kosovo as a full member state.

Although Kosovo is not a UN member state, the UNESCO executive board recommended that Kosovo be accepted as a member of the United Nations’ cultural body last month.

Serbia opposed the move and attempted to delay the vote on Kosovo’s membership, warning that that Orthodox monuments would be in danger if Kosovo were to take over their management. Serbian President Tomislav Nikolić dubbed the vote “a just and moral victory”.

Deputy foreign minister of Kosovo, Petrit Selimi, described the development as “a small setback in a very long journey”.

Kosovo declared independence in 2008 and is now recognised by over 100 countries. It has already gained membership in such international organisations as the World Bank and International Monetary Fund.

Source: Guardian