Tbilisi and Baku set to become sister cities

13 November 2015

The Mayor of Tbilisi, David Narmania, has announced that the Georgian capital may become sister cities with Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan.

According to Mr Narmania, the process for the two capitals to become sister cities is already in progress.

“The negotiations have already been held and the relevant documents have been prepared. I believe that in the near future, Tbilisi and Baku will sign a document to become sister cities,” he stated.

In speaking about the projects and investment programmes planned to be carried out between the cities, Mr Narmania highlighted the development of tourism as a top priority. He specified that there will be a focus on tourism in the areas where there are large Azerbaijani communities.

“We will first and foremost expand cultural infrastructures which contribute to the development of tourism in those regions,” he added.

Both former Republics of the Soviet Union, Georgia and Azerbaijan have maintained relatively amicable relations in recent years. Azeris make up the largest ethnic minority in Georgia.

Source: AzerNews