Moldova to mark National Folk Clothing Day

Moldova to mark National Folk Clothing Day
Moldovan traditional clothing (Image: Taco Witte under a CC licence)

20 November 2015

Moldova’s parliament has passed a law to establish an annual National Folk Clothing Day, to be celebrated on the last Sunday of every June.

The project was initiated by the Ministry of Culture, with an aim to promote Moldovan traditional dress.

“Just like its language, anthem and flag, folk clothing is the mark of a nation. Promoting folk dress highlights its beauty and authenticity. Contemporary society is highly interested in folk clothing. Fashion designers all around the world are inspired by folk costumes,” said Culture Minister Monica Babuc.

According to Ms Babuc, the initiative will increase harmony in society, as the various folk costumes of all the ethnic groups living in Moldova will be celebrated during the annual event.

Source: moldpres