Russian pupils to take part in “Coding Hour”

Russian pupils to take part in “Coding Hour”

1 December 2015

On 4 December, Information Technology Day in Russia, school pupils all over the country will take part in “Coding Hour”.

“Coding Hour” is an educational campaign, taking place for only the second time, in which students learn the basics of programming. As part of the programme they will be able to write their first piece of programming code and watch video lectures by successful Russian IT-entrepreneurs, including Nuralieva Boris, director of independent Russian software developers 1C, Oleg Karacharov, director of the Microsoft technology centre in Moscow, and Yevgenia Chereshneva, head of the department of social media for security software company Kaspersky Lab. Special lessons will be held not only on 4 December, but throughout the entire week.

However, participation “Coding Hour” is not limited to students – anyone can register online to access the resources (in Russian).

Source: Afisha (in Russian)