Hungary’s Milan Expo Pavilion seized by Italian authorities

Hungary’s Milan Expo Pavilion seized by Italian authorities
Design for Hungary’s pavilion at Milan Expo 2015

4 December 2015

The Italian authorities have seized Hungary’s 2015 Milan Expo Pavilion, following a disagreement regarding the settlement of construction costs.

Géza Szőcs, chief advisor to Prime Minister Viktor Orbán on cultural affairs and in charge of Hungary’s Milan pavilion, reported a dispute with the Italian building company over exactly how much the Hungarian state owes the firm. According to the Italian firm, the Hungarian state owes them HUF 140million (US$487,000) out of the total contract value of HUF 280million (US$975,000), while Hungary says that the Italian firm is owed only a further HUF 46million (US$160,000). A court hearing is scheduled to take place in Milan next Thursday.

The pavilion became a source of controversy earlier this year, its distinct design drawing criticism both from architects and the general public. Its designers have since disassociated themselves from the building.

Source: Hungary Today