Google reveals most popular searches in Russia

Google reveals most popular searches in Russia
Still from Leviathan (2014) dir. Andrey Zvyagintsev

16 December 2015

Google has released its list of the most searched terms in Russia in 2015.

A significant proportion of the most popular search terms related to tragic events, such as the Sinai peninsular air disaster, the Paris attacks, the murder of politician and statesman Boris Nemtsov and the deaths of actress and singer Zhanna Friske and ballet dancer Maya Plisetskaya.

Also among the most searched for terms, however, were Andrey Zvyagintsev’s controversial but critically acclaimed 2014 film “Leviathan”, “Eurovision”, the white and gold or black and blue dress optical illusion, a popular Russian meme in which a character shouts “Nichosy” (a misspelt version of a Russian expression of surprise), and the well-documented friendship between a Siberian tiger and a goat at a zoo in Russia’s Far East, which is set to become the subject of a film.

Source: Meduza (in Russian)