Hungary’s Milan Expo pavilion to become equestrian museum

Hungary’s Milan Expo pavilion to become equestrian museum
Design for Hungary’s pavilion at Milan Expo 2015

18 December 2015

Hungary’s controversial Milan Expo pavilion is set to be relocated to Hungary and turned into an equestrian museum.

The pavilion, which is currently being dismantled, is due to be re-erected in the town of Karcag in central Hungary as a museum celebrating the equestrian traditions of the country.

According to Géza Szőcs, the government commissioner for the Expo, a lawsuit filed against Hungary has been dropped by the Italian authorities, allowing for the relocation of the pavilion. The Italian authorities seized the pavilion earlier this month, following a disagreement regarding the settlement of construction costs.

The pavilion became a source of controversy earlier this year, its distinct design drawing criticism both from architects and the general public. Its designers have since disassociated themselves from the building.