Polish culture spending to increase significantly in 2016

Polish culture spending to increase significantly in 2016
Polish deputy culture minister Jarosław Sellin (Image: Jarosław Sellin - oficjalna strona / Facebook)

7 January 2016

Jarosław Sellin, the Polish deputy culture minister, has announced significant increases in funding for culture in Poland for 2016.

Mr Sellin revealed that overall spending on culture would increase by 9.5 percent, while cultural heritage sites around the country will see the biggest boost in funding, with an increase of 50 percent relative to 2015.

“Overall spending on culture from the state budget in 2016 will be 9.5 percent higher than in 2015, with spending on art education up by 5 percent, university art education by 5.5 percent, and on culture and protection of cultural heritage by 13.5 percent,” Mr Sellin stated.

The deputy culture minister, who represents the ruling conservative Law and Justice party (PiS), also announced that there will be a 100 percent increase in funding for a cultural programme entitled “Patriotism for tomorrow”.

Mr Sellin disclosed these figures as he was laying out plans for the “Independence 2018” programme, which will see Poland celebrate the centennial of the restoration of its independence after the First World War.

“[The programme will include] the opening of new institutions as well as cultural events, street events [...]. We want the hundred years of independence to be celebrated throughout 2018, and not just in November,” he stated, noting that the Polish History Museum would be one of the key projects for 2018, with PLN 11.6 million (approx. US$2.9 million) allocated to it for 2016.

Source: Radio Poland