Azerbaijan promotes national breakfast

Azerbaijan promotes national breakfast
Traditional tea in Azerbaijan (Image: Mina _ Sydney under a CC licence)

10 February 2016

The Azerbaijan Breakfast project officially opened this week, an initiative to promote and protect national cuisine and shape the image of Azerbaijan at home and abroad.

The project was introduced in a ceremony in the Azerbaijani capital, Baku, on Monday this week. The event was organised by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the National Cuisine Centre and was attended by managers from a large number of hotels around the country.

“The promotion of the national breakfast in the Azerbaijan Breakfast project will give an impetus to promote the national cuisine both within the country and abroad,” said the head of the Division of Planning and Development of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Mahir Gahramanov, referring to the project’s potential impact on tourism in Azerbaijan and the country’s image abroad.

Also addressing the event, Director General of the Azerbaijan National Cuisine Centre, Tahir Amiraslanov, stressed that the project will serve both to promote ancient Azerbaijani culinary traditions and prevent appropriation of this cuisine by neighbouring countries. Mr Amiraslanov added that if the Azerbaijan breakfast menu receives positive feedback, the National Cuisine Centre will work on the creation of national lunch and dinner projects.

The country’s four and five star hotels will now include the national breakfast in their menu for guests to enjoy.

A traditional Azerbaijani breakfast consists of sweet butter, various kinds of white cheese, cream, honey, preserves, tea and kuku (scrambled egg with herbs).

Source: AzerNews