Plans unveiled for Polish quarry sports complex

24 February 2016

Plans have been revealed for a new sports complex in the former Sadowa Góra quarry in southern Poland.

Warsaw-based architect Mateusz Tanski has been chosen to design the complex, which will be made up of a track and field stadium, six free-standing buildings, and a variety of sports pitches.

The proposed architecture is designed to be well incorporated into its surroundings by reflecting the walls of the quarry, both in its shape and material, and is characterised by aesthetic consistency.

The central area of the plot comprises the 1000-seater track and field stadium, where spectators are guaranteed both a wide view of the stadium’s field, as well as the quarry walls.

The six free-standing sports and hotel buildings, directly adjacent to the stadium, will resemble the rocky formations surrounding them in their form and the materials used to create their façade, while their arrangement makes the buildings akin to boulders scattered on the bottom of the quarry. This 4200 metre-square zone, named the sports campus, will feature a hotel and restaurant, as well as spaces to accommodate a range of events such as banquets, conferences and educational camps for children and adults.

The plot of the former quarry was chosen as the location for the complex due to its rich landscape and geological features, which are representative of the region’s history.

Source: designboom