Turkic languages dictionary of common terms under way

Turkic languages dictionary of common terms under way
A map showing the approximate distribution of Turkic peoples (Image: Postmann Michael)

3 March 2016

A dictionary of technical terms common to all Turkic languages is in its draft stage, according to the Deputy Chairman of Azerbaijan’s Terminology Commission, Sayali Sadigova.

According to Ms Sadigova, the book of common terms is set to cover numerous fields, including technology and computer science.

“The dictionary contains more than 6,000 words, something that has never been done before,” she added.

The dictionary of terms is being put together by the Terminology Commission, presided over by the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences. Local variants of the terms will be listed across national editions in the Azerbaijani, Kazakh, Kyrgyz, Turkish, Turkmen and Uzbek languages.

The Turkic languages are a language family made up of at least 35 languages, spoken by Turkic peoples from southeastern Europe and the Mediterranean to Siberia and western China. They are spoken as a native language by approximately 170 million people.

Source: AzerNews