Russian Golden Globes alternative delayed

Russian Golden Globes alternative delayed
(Image: Golden Globes / Facebook)

29 March 2016

Russia’s alternative to the Golden Globes, the Open National Press Awards, have been postponed.

Initially anticipated to take place this month, the awards are now likely to be held in the autumn.

“Such a major event shouldn’t be prepared in a sloppy way and run hastily,” stated Oleg Ivanov, first deputy chairman of Russia’s filmmakers’ union, who originally unveiled plans for the award in January 2016. Mr Ivanov added that additional time is required in order to properly run the selection and voting processes.

The filmmakers’ union is set to finalise the regulations and time frame for the Open National Press Awards at its meeting in May.

The new awards, which will be run by local rather than foreign press, aim to strengthen the role of Russian film critics. Prominent bloggers also will be allowed to vote.

Source: Hollywood Reporter