Siberian husky dog to represent Russia at Eurovision 2016

1 April 2016

A Siberian husky called Slava will now represent Russia at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, having replaced human contestant Sergei Lazarev.

Slava, who hails from the Arctic mining town of Vorkuta in the Komi Republic, won his chance to oust Mr Lazarev following a “sing off” instigated by the pop star. The husky is set to perform a song of his own writing, which is as yet untitled, but sources close to the dog suggest that it may centre on his developing romance with a Muscovite pug.

“Many have said it’s impossible, but I fully believe that if Russia can send dogs to space, it can definitely send a dog to Eurovision!” said Mikhail Alexandrovich, executive director of Gaff-Gaff, the canine talent agency.

While Slava will be the first dog to represent Russia on the Eurovision stage, his selection suggests a developing trend for canine acts in the contest. It was announced last week that Belarusian representative IVAN hopes to perform naked, accompanied by two wolves.