Bakery launches cake collection to highlight gender gap in Romania

Bakery launches cake collection to highlight gender gap in Romania
(Image: Paul Romania / MRM/McCann Romania )

21 April 2016

Paul Romania, part of the French Paul patisserie chain, has launched Bittersweet, a collection of cakes to raise awareness of the gender gap in the country.

Developed by Paul Romania together with advertising agency MRM/McCann Romania, the new range features the Wage Gap Cake, the Under-representation in Politics Cake, the Extremely Rich Cake and Glass Ceiling Tarts, which show inequality within senior management positions.

“[...] Bittersweet started from a social issue every woman in Romania has faced at least once in life. Starting from the premise (confirmed by statistics) that women eat more sweets than men, we’ve launched a collection of cakes that would start a conversation about gender inequality, inviting women to take the necessary steps to have the same rights as men,” Monica Eftimie, chief marketing officer of Paul Romania, stated.

Profits from the sales of the cakes will go towards two particular projects of the FILIA organisation, which works towards gender equality in Romania. The first of the projects focuses on informing women about their rights in the labour market and navigating the legal system to combat discrimination, while the second promotes women’s issues in politics.

Source: Romania Insider