TV news still main source of information for Poles, study shows

TV news still main source of information for Poles, study shows
The headquarters of Polish public service television (TVP) in Warsaw (Image: Alina Zienowicz under a CC licence)

6 May 2016

Polish research agency TNS Polska has found that TV news shows serve as the main source of information on current affairs for Poles, with online news sources trailing behind.

While the proportion of the population getting most of their news from the TV is down ten percentage points from last year, TV news broadcasts remain the main source of information for 71 per cent of Poles.

According to the survey, just 29 per cent of the population turn to internet news platforms, although this is an increase from 25 per cent a year ago. The study also revealed that 24 per cent of Poles also get news from family, friends and acquaintances, 16 per cent from the radio and 15 per cent from the daily printed press.

While the study found that an overwhelming majority (83 per cent) of Poles consider access to accurate news important, just 20 per cent would be willing to pay for access to such news.

The enduring popularity of TV news gains significance in the midst of tightening government control on Polish state media. In January, Polish President Andrzej Duda signed into law a controversial new media bill. Under the new law, Polish public service television (TVP) and Polish Radio is overseen by a new national media council close to the ruling conservative Law and Justice Party (PiS). The directors of four TVP channels resigned in protest of the law, while thousands of people took part in demonstrations in the Polish capital Warsaw and around 40 other cities across the country.

Source: Radio Poland