Film planned to mark Russian Revolution centenary

Film planned to mark Russian Revolution centenary
Scene from Petrograd (now St Petersburg) in 1917 (Image: J. Steinberg)

16 May 2016

A film is being planned to mark the 100 year anniversary of the 1917 Russian Revolution.

The movie is set to feature work by both young Russian directors and established international filmmakers and will take the form of a portmanteau film, meaning a feature comprising a number of short films. It will be produced by the New People Film Company.

It is anticipated that four short films — The Fuel by Mikhail Arkhipov, Arms and Palms Of October by Arseny Zanin, The Georgian by Nika Barabash and Andreas Konstandakes, Lenin by Denish Shibaev — will be linked by excerpts from an animated feature centering on the Revolution by Yuri Norshtein.

The film’s producer Mila Rozanova is currently attending the Cannes Film Festival, where she will introduce the project to potential backers. It is anticipated that the project will be a European co-production.

Source: Screen Daily