Sophisticated Soviet cuisine in Moscow

Sophisticated Soviet cuisine in Moscow
Cold Okroshka soup

25 May 2016

Moscow’s VDNKh is now home to Ottepel (“The Thaw”), a restaurant offering high-end Soviet cuisine.

Set in the newly renovated former silk industry pavilion, constructed in the 1950s, Ottepel serves sophisticated variations on classic Soviet dishes such as the traditional “shchi” cabbage soup, which is made with calamari at the restaurant. Diners can also enjoy such delights as the classic “sosiska v teste” (a kind of hotdog), accompanied by bacon, fried onions and pickles, and a range of open sandwiches.

The restaurant’s name harks back to the Khrushchev era, and possibly to Valery Todorovsky’s acclaimed Russian-language television serial of the same name.

Source: The Moscow Times