Hungarian illlustrator scores with drawings of world’s iconic football stadiums

25 May 2016

From ballet to baseball, Budapest-based Lehel Kovacs turns sports into beautiful hand-drawn illustrations. Describing himself as an “architecture and urbanism lover” as well as a sports fan, for his latest endeavour he combines these interests characterfully on the page. World of Stadiums brings together iconic sporting grounds from around the world.

“I've always been drawn to stadium aesthetics. Not only for their atmospheres or for the games played within (although they go hand in hand), but also by the structures and shapes, whether elliptical, oval, rectangular, U-shaped or the shape of a nest… stadiums somehow remind me of majestic medieval castles,” Kovacs says.

The illustor has launched a Kickstarter campaign to print the series as postcards. Featuring 60 stadiums, mostly from Europe and North America, Moscow's Luzhniki, Belgrade's Rajko Mitic Stadium and Zagreb's Maksimir Stadium also make the colourful list.

Visit Kovacs's Kickstarter campaign here.

Source: designboom