Visit the Croatian cafe charging like it’s 1998

Visit the Croatian cafe charging like it's 1998
Owner Miro Klarić and Slavko Križ at Cafe Bar Klarić (photo credit: M. Krmpotić / Novi List)

26 May 2016

Cafe Bar Klarić, situated in the northern Croatian village of Plešce, hasn’t changed its prices since 1998.

A coffee or shot at Cafe Bar Klarić will set you back just 3 kuna (US$0.45), while a 500ml beer costs only 8 kuna (US$1.19).

“Like this people come, there is always someone at the cafe. The last time the price list was changed was 17 April 1998, and from then until today, and with a heavy heart, I only raised the price of beer by 1 kuna (US$0.15),” the owner of the cafe, Miro Klarić, stated in an interview with Croatian daily newspaper Novi List.

“[…] there are not many people employed in this area, and those who are employed only earn between 2 and 3,000 kuna a month so if I was to put the prices up it would be a question whether we would have any guests,” Klarić added.

Source: Novi List (in Croatian) and Croatia Week