Listen to the latest release from Siberian label Klammklang

1 June 2016

Listen to the latest release from Siberian label Klammklang - experimental Appleyard’s EP Pangram.

Krasnoyarsk-based label Klammklang is one of key influences in Russia when it comes to underground experimental sound. Set up as a tape label by Stas Sharifullin (who also produces his own music under the name HMOT), it now releases vinyls as well. The latest release, EP Pangram by Krasnoyarsk-based producer Appleyard, is a fine example of their crisp and dark gripping sound.

“Sergey Demin aka Appleyard is my old friend from back in Lesosibirsk, we met about 10 years ago when he used to play drum’n’bass at the local raves - there used to be a huge drum’n’bass and dubstep scene but by 2010 it died out. Together we came a long way from parties at Lesosibirsk sushi bars to playing at the Boiler Room,” Sharifullin says. “I love the way Sergey can reach the maximum effect by the minimum of means: his set up is very simple, just two or three devices and Ableton used as a mixer for the recorded material. I also admire his uncompromising approach, last year at CTM festival in Novosibirsk he started his set from 15 minutes of hardcore noise which the audience clearly didn’t expect - but soon enough everyone was dancing. Recently he even sold his drum machine and plays pure noise with field recordings.”

Listen and purchse Appleyard’s EP Pangram at Klammklang’s bandcamp.

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