Be enchanted by Russian illustrator Roman Muradov’s latest work

24 June 2016

Take a look at San Fransisco-based, Russian illustrator Roman Muradov’s latest offering, a delightful hand-drawn detective story.

Muradov describes Jacob Bladders and the State of the Art as “a convoluted Pynchonesque detective story exploring the futility of art-making in any time and place”. The illustrator frequently makes use of painterly ink smudges to create depth in the shadows of the cityscapes and backgrounds of his entirely hand-drawn project.

This is not the extent of Muradov’s skill, however. Another recent work of his, End of a Fence, is completely digital.

“I get intensely bored the moment I feel fully confident with a style or a medium, which is why I switch around so much,” Muradov said of his tendency to move between different media.

Source: It’s Nice That