Meet Lithuania’s goat beauty queen

1 July 2016

Meet Demyte, the recently crowned winner of the Lithuanian village of Ramygala’s longstanding annual goat beauty pageant.

The 16-year-old goat won the title on her sixth attempt, much to the delight of her owner, 76-year-old retired vet Ferdinandas Petkevicius.

“The only thing we didn’t do to prepare the goat for the pageant is we didn’t polish its nails - because we thought of it too late,” Mr Petkevicius told Reuters.

Known to fans as “Little Spot”, Demyte sports two black spots, which are said to have been crucial to her victory.

Now in its 646th year, the pageant attracted an audience of around 500 people, and such diverse high-profile judges as the local member of parliament, head of the local school and a cucumber farmer.

Source: Yahoo