Fancy some pelmeni on the go? You’re in luck

Fancy some pelmeni on the go? You’re in luck
(Image: Typical Yekaterinburg / VKontakte)

6 July 2016

If you’re bored of the traditional lollipop flavours, the Russian city of Yekaterinburg has just the thing: pelmeni popsicles.

Photos of the traditional Russian dumpling treat have appeared on the Russian social media site VKontakte and are causing quite a stir.

Accompanied by the somewhat questionable slogan “Suck up the meat”, the “Pelmenichups” lollipops have aroused the curiosity of many internet users wondering just what this bizarre “candy” might taste like.

While a host of users commented that the lollipops were simply pelmeni placed on sticks, “Siberian Lollipop”, the company responsible, has claimed that they are fruit flavoured.

Either way, we’re tempted.

Source: Lenta (in Russian)