Cruel irony: “London” singer Grigory Leps denied entry to UK

19 July 2016

“I’m going to go and live in London,” sang Russian star Grigory Leps in his 2012 hit London.

The video for the song, released together with rapper Timati, takes fans on a tour of some of London’s most iconic sites.

Now it seems the dream might be over. According to reports in the Russian media, Leps has been refused a UK visa.

“They examined my documents for 120 days and then wrapped up the process [without giving a visa] with no explanation,” the singer said while on stage at a festival in Baku.

Fellow Russian music star Iosif Kobzon weighed in on the issue, expressing support for his colleague.

“This is to show the so-called British democracy. They did it without cause, using the European convention that any country can refuse a visa without explanation, ” Kobzon stated.

Let us know if you make it over here, guys.

Source: Lenta (in Russian)