Reimagining urban space with Russian fashion brand A Shade More

26 July 2016

Moscow-based fashion brand A Shade More unveils its new Fall-Winter 2016 collection with this mysterious and atmospheric video.

The short film directed by Marina Verhovova is seeking to reimagine the urban environment and the way we relate to it. The anonymous characters embark on a quest by the water’s edge, their aim known only to them. The setting of concrete housing estates and the bay in the dusk create an intimate atmosphere perfect for the brand’s slightly detached sensuality.

A Shade More was set up in 2015 and is part of the new wave of Russian independent labels. “We don’t create new covers or come up with new styles, we are just trying to emphasise and bring to light what we already have inside us”, says designer Nataly Bakaeva about the brand’s ethos.