Siberian rappers break record but lose out on place in record books

3 August 2016

A record-breaking track by a group of rappers from the Siberian Novosibirsk and Altai regions will not go into the Guinness Book of Records, despite allegedly breaking the world record for duration and number for performers.

Musical manifesto against corruption in Altai lasted 46 minutes and involved 105 performers. According to the project’s producer, Aleksander Zonov, the track broke the records but will miss out on a place in the record book due to the rap’s theme.

The authors of the track stated their aim to bring the issue of bribery in the region to the attention of Russian President Vladimir Putin. The composition was recorded during the annual hip-hop festival, which this year took place in Altai from 28 – 31 July.

Source: Lenta (in Russian)