Cinema treasures to go on show in Albania

Cinema treasures to go on show in Albania
Scene from The Great Warrior Skanderbeg (1953, dir. Sergei Yutkevich), the first Albanian epic film.

4 August 2016

Items from Albania's former state film studio, New Albania Kinostudio (Kinostudio Shqipëria e Re), are set to go on public display.

Over 1,050 artefacts, including costumes, furniture and even vehicles will form the basis of an exhibition showing the richness of Albanian cinema's history.

Nezir Selimaj, director of Kinostudio successor Alba Film, has stated that discussions are ongoing with the Ministry of Culture regarding the necessary funds to carry out the project. According to Mr Selimaj, many valuable items have been stolen or have simply disappeared from the collection in the past, highlighting the need for a preservation system that will guarantee the protection of the remaining objects.

The Ministry of Culture recently decided to end the enduring practice of frequently moving these objects of cultural value around, often without the requisite conditions for their proper preservation.

The New Albania Kinostudio was founded with Soviet support in 1952, and was broken up and privatised in the 1990s.

Source: Albanian Daily News