Not just for kids: check out St Petersburg Street Art Museum’s playground installation

9 August 2016

Ever been resentful of all those children having fun on the slide and swings? St Petersburg’s Street Art Museum has heard your cry — why not pay a visit to their new playground-themed installation?

This is playtime with twist, however.

The unique playground is assembled from scrap materials, such as old tires and plastic bottles, as well as wooden logs and stumps, in an ironic imitation of the ubiquitous playgrounds that could be found in towns throughout the Soviet Union. Each object differs slightly from its traditional playground counterpart, in order to subvert the notion of the normally fun and entertaining space. For example, the playground features swings that refuse to swing, and black is prevalent rather than bright colours.

Playing with the very concept of street art, the installation sees the young artists of the New Street collective moving away from the traditional method of painting the external surfaces of buildings and instead introducing real street materials into the exhibition space.

The installation will be in place until 24 September. Find out more about the Street Art Museum here.