Ride back in time on a retro trolleybus in Moscow

Ride back in time on a retro trolleybus in Moscow
YATB-1 trolleybus (Image: Kaverzin, Andrey Viktorovich under a CC licence)

21 September 2016

Fancy going back in time and seeing how people travelled in days gone by? Old-school trolleybuses running on Moscow’s Frunze Embankment on 1 October will give you the chance.

The event, which is dedicated to the 83rd anniversary of the Moscow trolleybus will see a convoy of old trolleybuses from various eras travel through the city streets, ending at the Frunze Embankment, where they will be accessible to view.

In addition, on the streets of Moscow there will be around two dozen unique exhibits, transporting visitors to days of old. Among the exhibits will be the musical Blue Trolleybus and the YATB-1 wooden-bodied trolleybus, which could be seen in Moscow until the end of the 1940s. Actors dressed in costumes from different eras are set to greet visitors and inform them about the vehicles.

Source: Afisha (in Russian)