Artist takes to raft in protest of St Petersburg’s New Holland

Artist takes to raft in protest of St Petersburg’s New Holland
(Image: Make Makovich / Facebook)

28 September 2016

Artist Anton Polsky (known as Make) sailed around St Petersburg’s recently re-opened New Holland on a raft this Sunday, in an act of protest against the cultural complex’s administration.

New Holland became the subject of criticism by Make, who is known for his artistic protest actions, partly due to what he describes as its “coloniality”. In an interview with The Village, the artist makes reference to the “colonisation of the local cultural context” by Moscow’s Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, which he believes sets up a dichotomy between recognised western art and “native” local artists, who must strive to reach the lofty heights of the imported art. According to Make, New Holland will make way for the “colonisation” of St Petersburg.

Surely a trigger for Make’s latest artistic action was the refusal of the New Holland administration to display the works selected for the Art Prospekt public art festival, just ten days before its opening. The reason given – that the artworks did not have enough “wow” factor – was unsatisfactory to the artist.

Nevertheless, Make notes that New Holland’s playground in the shape of a ship is very cool – he may be willing to drop his protest long enough to bring his son to play.

Source: The Village