Firearms and finger food: Russian photographer Nikita Teryoshin takes us to a Polish arms trade fair

30 September 2016

Russian photographer Nikita Teryoshin takes us behind the scenes at a Polish arms trade fair in his ongoing series Nothing Personal.

Set in Kielce, a city in south-central Poland, the MSPO arms fair is supported by the Polish president and is the largest military trade fair in eastern Europe.

“I’m generally interested in trade fairs. Access for ordinary people is forbidden to these events [...] Inside, you have a chance to take a look behind the scenes at the goings-on of an industry [...] I wanted to show the opposite side of war and destruction,” explains the photographer, who recently worked on an exhibition centering on hunting (Sons and Guns).

Nothing Personal explores the surprising and somewhat uncomfortable juxtaposition of weaponry and fine food and wine, creating a portrait of an event that is simultaneously disquieting and absurd.

“To be honest, it blew my mind for a while,” Teryoshin comments. “After I cooled down a bit, the biggest challenge was to find the right angle to put both into one picture.”

Source: It’s Nice That