Romanian folktale inspires London photographer

30 September 2016

Next month London-based photographer Laura Pannack will present Youth Without Age, Life Without Death: Chapter 1, a new body of work inspired by a Romanian folktale.

Taking its lead from the story of a young prince seeking eternal life, the work was shot on expired film over the last four years and combines enigmatic landscapes, still lifes and portraits that explore the nature of life and death. The line between fantasy and reality is far from clear throughout Pannack’s captivating and atmospheric narrative.

“I needed to escape, to begin an adventure in my search for meaningful answers. The country’s hazy purple evening light and untouched land allowed me to gather my thoughts,” says the photographer. “I began to think about how I could visually explore the idea of life and death, that is when I stumbled across the folktale Youth Without Age and Life Without Death.”

Youth Without Age, Life Without Death: Chapter 1 is on display at the Francesca Maffeo Gallery in Leigh-on-Sea (Essex, UK) from 23 October – 23 December.

Source: It’s Nice That