New Lviv housing project will “invite nature in”

20 October 2016

Kiev-based firm Archimatika Architects has revealed plans for a vibrant new housing project in the western Ukrainian city of Lviv – “Leopol Town”.

Set on the city’s Styiska Street, the project will include seven buildings, housing 757 flats as well as shops and restaurants. The plans place a special emphasis on turning the area from a post-Soviet “sleeping neighbourhood” to a lively and sustainable residential quarter, using open blocks, parceling, energy efficient systems, abundant trees and sustainability principles to “invite nature in”.

“Lviv is a city that is valued for its history, and moreover [...] the historic centre is under UNESCO protection. We wanted to pay tribute to the city and the styling of its historic neighbourhood by rethinking the block and opening it to nature [...],” said the architecture firm.

The designs of the individual structures within Leopol Town are inspired by the architecture of the historic old city – the buildings’ façades will feature historic elements, while their inclined roofs will echo the skyline of the old city.

Source: ArchDaily