Polish animator Ola Szmida explores forbidden behaviour in Unwanted Desires

2 November 2016

Laugh in the face of social expectations and let yourself go with Unwanted Desires by UK-based Polish animator Ola Szmida, a short film depicting the “inappropriate behaviour” we must struggle against.

The line animation compilation captures the thoughts and impulses many of us fight for fear of becoming a social pariah.

“Such behaviour is inappropriate for many reasons; sometimes it’s dangerous, disgusting, incomprehensible or just doesn’t comply with social standards,” Szmida notes. “Because these actions are ‘forbidden’ it is tempting to cross the border — Unwanted Desires is my personal diary, a notebook of never realised ‘bad impulses’.”

Full of both humour and tension, Unwanted Desires might be described as a reflection on both social expectation and ourselves.

“I want to shock people a little, but in a good way — to make them laugh at themselves,” the artist explains. “I also want to say something about the social expectations, which have made us behave in a certain way for so long.”

Source: It’s Nice That