Moscow residents spooked by positively medieval playground gallows

8 November 2016

Slides, swings, roundabout, climbing frame — these are all things you might hope to find in your local playground. How about gallows? One Moscow suburb recently found an unexpected addition to their local playpark.

Photos published online from the south-eastern Lyublino district appear to show six gallow-like wooden structures, set in an apartment block courtyard. According to Russian news site, who cited local official Yelena Polukhova as its source, they were installed earlier this month. “They’ll provide reinforcement for climbing plants,” said Ms Polukhova.

This has nevertheless not dampened alarm from local residents.

“They really disturb me, and especially my son,” commented a middle-aged woman, speaking with a TV crew from “They’re meant for the children’s playground but it looks more like a concentration camp,” said another man with a grim chuckle.

Indeed, images of the alleged “gallows” sparked ironic discussions online to this effect.

“Without a doubt, life will get better in the new year, and happier too,” one person tweeted, citing a famous quote from Josef Stalin. “In certain places preparations are already being made.”

Is this part of a recent trend for deathly playgrounds in Russia? Early this year St Petersburg’s Street Art Museum opened a dystopian playground-themed installation.

Source: The Moscow Times