Check out this contemplative fashion film by Russian director Nadia Bedzhanova

9 November 2016

Reflect on our relationship to technology with This body’s long and I’m still loading, a thoughtful short film directed by New York-based Russian filmmaker Nadia Bedzhanova in collaboration with fashion label Ab[Screenwear] and poet Chris Campanioni.

The film explores the interaction between the body and human intimacy with technology and screens. Set to poet Chris Campanioni’s hybrid prose poem of the same name, This body’s long and I’m still loading casts cultural norms into question, while giving a glimpse of Ab[Screenwear]‘s Spring-Summer 2017 collection.

“Devices cohabitate with us, it’s pretty much an extension of our body. We wanted to celebrate the union of the body and the device,” said Olya Petrova Jackson, designer and creative director at Ab[Screenwear].

“Yes, we were looking for something opposite of the screen [...] Like, nature. I wanted something pure, organic,” the film’s director commented, highlighting the film’s juxtaposition of skin and screen.

Source: Metal