Take a thrilling tour of a Sarajevo pavement

Take a thrilling tour of a Sarajevo pavement
One Twitter user decided to give the pavement a holiday touch (Image: @Irma_A_P / Twitter)

25 November 2016

Dubbed the “event of the year” by Radio Sarajevo — in all seriousness, we’re sure — journalists were invited for a very special visit on Wednesday: a tour of a newly repaved section of pavement outside the presidency building in the Bosnian capital.

A press release coming from the Bosnia-Herzegovina Presidency asked journalists to arrive early in order to go through the necessary security checks for the tour of the pavement, which now boasts stone cobbles rather than asphalt — yes, you heard that right — and electronic bollards.

Although the press release promised a tour led by no less than four officials, on the day just one turned up for the event. Those devastated not to be there in person were in luck, as Radio Sarajevo broadcast the momentous occasion live on Facebook.

The pavement met mixed reviews on Twitter, with some lauding it as the government’s greatest achievement, while one user described it as Bosnia’s “walk of shame”.

Not everyone who visited the pavement in person had rave reviews either, with protesters angry at the alleged 360,000 convertible marks ($194,000) cost. “Long live the presidential pavement! Theft of hospitals, schools, buildings and water!” read one placard waved at the opening.

Be sure to pay a visit next time you’re in town.

Source: BBC News