Halftime: mayonnaise mascots in rousing Russian football performance

2 December 2016

You’ve heard of halftime oranges but how about halftime mayonnaise? This is the treat that awaited fans at a football match in Russia earlier this week.

Wednesday’s match between FC Rostov and FC Ural Yekaterinburg in the city of Yekaterinburg saw the home team’s bumblebee mascot dancing with a company of mayonnaise packets — courtesy of their corporate sponsor, Mayonnaise Provancal EZhK.

One Twitter user decided to set the unusual dance to composer Igor Kornelyuk’s Woland’s Ball, a piece featured in the 2005 The Master and Margarita mini-series, based on the novel by Mikhail Bulgakov.

A staple of several classic Russian dishes, such as the beloved Olivier salad, has mayo found its sporting home?

Source: Meduza (in Russian)