Discover the horizontal Moscow New Year tree that’s courting controversy

Discover the horizontal Moscow New Year tree that’s courting controversy
(Image: Gorky Park / Facebook)

22 December 2016

A walk in Gorky Park is a staple for many Moscow residents during the festive season, not least to enjoy the park decked out with lights and an impressive tree. This year’s tree, however, has raised some eyebrows (and turned some heads).

Last week it was announced on Gorky Park’s Facebook page that the New Year tree (akin to a Christmas tree) would be rather different from its predecessors, as it would “not only be horizontal, but also hang in the air”.

Not everyone was in favour of the unusual concept, with one user decrying “creativity for the sake of creativity” and reminiscing on the “old days” of beautifully decorated trees — it would be better, she argued, to stick to a traditional tree than unsuccessfully attempting to create something better.

Other social media users responded in support of the tree in an internet flashmob, posting an array of sideways images with the hashtag #turnyourhead.

Far from dismayed by the decoration-based dispute, Gorky Park’s management are taking it in their stride.

“The park, as always, sets new trends and is not afraid to experiment and take risks. [...] the main thing is that the tree is being discussed, and leaves nobody indifferent,” said the head of Gorky Park’s press service, Marta Sakharova.

What’s more, the (artificial) tree is a recordbreaker, with the Russian Records Agency noting it as the “longest New Year tree in Russia”.

Source: Afisha (in Russian)