Georgian Put Your Head into Gallery installation among year’s top ten

22 December 2016

Architecture and design magazine Designboom has listed Put Your Head into Gallery by Georgian artist Tezi Gabunia among its 2016 top ten reader-submitted art installations.

Using his “falsification” methodology, in his work Gabunia explores and exposes characteristics of the contemporary world and encourages a dialogue on hyper-reality in art.

Put Your Head into Gallery is an interactive installation that employs “falsification” in its reproduction and scaling down of famous art exhibition spaces, creating identical miniature copies of the Louvre, Tate Modern and Saatchi Gallery, among others. These transportable miniatures bring galleries to visitors, rather than the other way around. When visitors view these galleries as they bend to look inside the installation, a photo is taken of their head inside the gallery among the paintings — the visitor too has become an exhibit.

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