Fashion meets dance in Gosha Rubchinskiy x Super Sunglasses

Fashion meets dance in Gosha Rubchinskiy x Super Sunglasses
Still from the campaign accompanying Gosha Rubchinskiy’s collaboration with Super Sunglasses

16 January 2017

Eyewear brand Super Sunglasses has unveiled the advertising campaign for its collaboration with Russian designer Gosha Rubchinskiy. Check out this short film, where fashion comes together with contemporary dance.

Released just a day after Rubchinskiy's show in Kaliningrad, Russia, the film was shot by 21-year-old skater, artist and filmmaker Julian Klincewicz, who has frequently collaborated with Rubchinskiy. The campaign sees a series of solo dances come together to form what Super Sunglasses has dubbed a kind of “ballet”.

Rubchinskiy, known for his post-Soviet aesthetic, staged his Autumn-Winter 2017 show in Kaliningrad last week, the first time he has taken a show back to Russia since he made his Paris Fashion Week debut in June 2014. At the show he revealed his surprise collaboration with German sportswear brand Adidas, drawing inspiration both from skater style and football kits.

“In the 90s or 80s, it was separated: football fans were football fans and skaters were skaters. [...] But now things are changing, you see skate kids wearing football clothes and you can see football fans wearing skate stuff. Cultures mix, subcultures mix,” the designer said after the show.

You can see the campaign for Gosha Rubchinskiy's collaboration with Super Sunglasses on Dazed.