Three New East cities where you can beat the crowds

Three New East cities where you can beat the crowds
The Palace of the Parliament in Bucharest

1 February 2017

Russian travel site 34travel has listed three New East cities among its hot tips for travellers who would rather do without swarms of tourists. How about a tranquil trip to Bucharest, Sofia or Dushanbe?

Reportedly the cheapest European capital for tourists, Bucharest is known for its impressive socialist architecture — particularly the huge Palace of the Parliament government building — while Bulgaria’s capital, Sofia, is rich in religious and architectural significance. The Tajik capital, Dushanbe, has a stunning mountain backdrop and has already sparked visitors’ interest with its neoclassical buildings and pleasant tree-lined avenues.

34travel rates these cities as fascinating destinations where you can spend an enjoyable break without the stress of long queues and crowds… at least for now. Get in there while you can, the site’s travel writers advise, as these cities are about to take off as prime city break spots.

Source: 34travel