The art of opposition: Romanian protesters’ signs to become exhibition

8 February 2017

Art critic Pavel Șușară is appealing to participants in Romania’s ongoing protests not to throw away their placards, but to leave them at Bucharest’s Village Museum so that he can collect them to form an exhibition.

“A call to all those who participated in the protests organised in Bucharest and across the country: don’t throw away the signs you are using now, nor the other objects made ad hoc, of any kind, keep all the written texts,” Mr Șușară wrote on Facebook, stressing the possibility of creating an exhibition that would “present this unique phenomenon of national solidarity, but also the enormous creativity, unleashed imagination, irrepressible intelligence”.

Hundreds of thousands of people have been demonstrating across Romania since 18 January, after the government put through bills to decriminalise corruption involving sums of less than 200,000 lei ($47,500), encompassing the pardoning and amnesty of committed crimes.

Source: Romania Insider