Mass resignation the latest hurdle in Kiev’s turbulent journey to Eurovision

15 February 2017

Amid preparations already fraught with controversy and challenges, Kiev’s quest to host this year’s Eurovision Song Contest has hit another significant road bump — 21 high-level members of the organising team have just resigned.

The Ukrainian Eurovision organising team complained in their resignation letter that they had been “completely blocked” from making any decisions since Eurovision co-ordinator Pavlo Hrytsak stepped in to head the team at the end of 2016. According to the letter, preparations “stopped for almost two months” after Mr Hrytsak was appointed.

While the European Broadcasting Union, the body that organises the contest, declined to comment on the issue and the opinions expressed in the letter, it told Ukraine’s public broadcaster to “stick to the timeline” in spite of staff changes.

The 2017 Eurovision Song Contest final is due to take place on 13 May in Kiev, following the victory of Ukraine’s representative, Jamala, in the 2016 contest with the song 1944. In November last year, it was reported that a lack of funding might stop Ukraine from hosting the contest.

Source: BBC News